Hiring a Disc Jockey can be difficult for your special event or affair. Simply because what’s worst than a boring

party? You want to ensure your guests are having a great time and you want to be the party or event to remember.

You want extreme crowd control, interaction, and a nice flow of music with no major breaks. We’ve listed some of our most frequently asked questions in hopes to address some of those issues. From Gala’s to Fundraisers to Picnics to annual Holiday Parties, we’ve got you covered.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we provide the playlist?

Yes, you can provide your own playlist and we will also make recommendations for you based on the information that we gather about your preferences and the type of event.

When is the remaining balance due?

The entire payment is due 30 days prior to the event.

What if I end up calling off the wedding? Will I lose my deposit?

Unfortunately, you would lose your deposit but will have no obligation to pay the remaining balance.


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